Quality Provides Security

Thirty years of experience providing products with the highest impact and quality. 
All our products are manufactured from raw materials with the highest quality, the highest microbial standards, they contain no yeast, preservatives or other chemical additives, and they are absolutely free of heavy metals. 

We develop and produce our products based on our own unique recipes. Our production is done under heavy pharmaceutical control, with the same requirements that apply to food and herbal remedies. The finished goods are controlled from production to delivery. Production according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Packaging, dosage and durability
Basic products are packed in buckets containing 4 kilograms. Special products are packaged in containers containing 500 grams, 1 kg and 1,5 kg. Unless otherwise is recommended, prescribed dosage means: mornings and evenings. The products have a shelf life of several years. Important to remember is to always put the lids back on the containers after use. The products should be kept dry.

Treatment period
The treatment period can vary from individual to individual, mainly due to how long the horse has had symptoms. We generally recommend a treatment duration of approximately 3 months.


contains vitamins and minerals which are known for their healing effect of the stomach lining

Does your horse have symptoms such as;

  • ulcer or gastritis?
  • shoulder, neck and groin problems?
  • poor appetite and/or weight loss?
  • swollen glands under the lower jaw?
  • low iron level?

Support the Gastric System

The vitamins and minerals in Gastrofor are known to neutralize stomach acidity, normalize the enzyme activity, strengthen the stomach lining and prevent the occurrence of gastritis and peptic ulcer. Gastric motility and emptying rate is stimulated by nutritional balance and reduces the load on the stomach's nerves.

The Stomach

The horse’s stomach glands will continuously produce gastric acid as part of the digestive process and the stomach is, in proportion to the horse size, small. In the stomach starts the chemical breakdown of food.

Many racehorses have catarrh or ulceration of the stomach lining. The cause can often be related to intense training/competition, stress and medications. Another major contributing factor to the ulcer is inproper feed. Incorrect feeding can cause an immune reaction that in turn causes allergies, ulcers and thyroid disease in the horse.

Weight 1 kg and 4 kg



Cirkulafor contains vitamins and minerals which are known to stimulate a normal blood circulation

Do your horse show symptoms of:

  • problems with injuries in the soft tissues and/or bone?
  • difficulty bringing out its full potential in competitions?
  • problems with hooves?
  • problems with stiffness of the muscles?
  • problems with joints?

Blood Circulation
The blood stream is the organism's transport system. It provides oxygen, glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin and minerals to the tissues, and will transport slag products such as carbon dioxide, uric acid, lactic acid, creatinine and inorganic waste products to detoxifying organ systems for elimination. The blood flows in a closed system formed by blood vessels. The blood vessels branch off into smaller vessels the farther from the heart they are situated. The smallest vessels are called capillaries and this is where the exchange of nutrients and slag products will take place on a cellular level.

The various vitamins and minerals in Cirkulafor are known for their tissue and circulatory enhancement function and the ability to support the healing of injuries and inflammation in the body by bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the injured area. They promote circulation, especially in the small blood vessels, the capillaries, which among others provides the muscles with oxygen and nutrients and therefore, to a certain degree, acts as analgesics.

Weight 500 gram



contains vitamins and minerals which are known for their cleansing effect on the liver and digestive systems

Do your horse have symptoms such as:

  • diarrhea? 
  • problems of the back muscles - right side, right hind leg?
  • itching, eczema and/or "feed lumps"?
  • high liver values?

Bile secretion, liver and intestines
The various vitamins and minerals in Colofor are known for their ability to strengthen the intestines and liver function and the bile excretion. The product has a cleansing effect when the liver is overloaded by toxins and residues from the metabolism. The accumulations of toxins can cause changes in liver values. They may also be active when the horse suffer from various types of skin problems.

Weight 1 kg and 4 kg



contains minerals and amino acids which are known for their strengthening function of the joints and bones

 Does your horse show symptoms such as:

  • injuries or inflammation of the muscles, joints, ligaments,  tendons or suspensory ligaments?
  • Issues with joints/cartilage and/or the formation of joint fluid? 
  • Osteochondrosis (OCD), bone bruises and bone chips?
  • problems with the hooves?

Musculoskeletal system
The various minerals and amino acids in Glucosafor are active when the horse has sustained injuries or other discomfort in the muscles, bone membranes, joints, ligaments and tendons. The active ingredients in the Products supports the formation of synovial fluid, increases blood circulation in the legs and provides healthy and strong hooves. They can prevent OCD and thinning of the bones and also help regress bone chips. They may also have an analgesic effect.

Weight 1,5 kg



contains nutrients that are known to be especially active in the fillies and mare's hormonal system

 Does your filly, mare or broodmare shows symptoms as:

  • Doesn’t your filly respond well to training? 
  • Does your mare have low fertility? 
  • Does your mare have problems of the croup and hips?

Endocrine System
Every horse, even horses of the same breed, has her own personality. The personalities are influenced by the endocrine glands in the hormone system.

The endocrine glandular system regulates, together with the hypothalamus, impulses and urges. These glands secreted hormones to the nerves and blood stream in order to reach a target organ where it has a very specific effect. They work in conjunction with each other and a disturbance in the hormone composition can create many unexplained symptoms in the horse.

Certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids are known to stimulate the production of sex and growth hormones. Hormones are extremely important for the filly's ability to develop muscles and the mares fertility.

The vairous vitamines and minerals in Endofor will stimulate the mare’s fertility by boosting the function of her ovaries. The ovaries regulate the mares calcium balance. This balance is important for a healthy skeleton, especially of the croup and hips areas.

Weight 1 kg



contains nutrients that are known to be active in the stallion/gelding hormonal systems

 Does your colt, gelding or stallion

  • Doesn’t your colt respond well to training? 
  • Does your stallion have low fertility? 
  • Has your gelding lost his spirit?
  • Has your stallion bad temper?

Endocrine System
Every horse, even horses of the same breed, has his own personality. The personalities are influenced by the endocrine glands in the hormone system.

The endocrine glandular system regulates, together with the hypothalamus, impulses and urges. These glands will secrete hormones to the nerves and blood stream in order to reach a target organ where it has a very specific effect. They work in conjunction with each other and a disturbance in the hormone composition can create many unexplained symptoms in the horse.

Certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids are known to stimulate the production of sex and growth hormones. Hormones are extremely important for the stallion/gelding's ability to develop muscles.

The nutrient content of Gentifor will increase the stallion’s fertility and compensates for the gelding’s lack of testosterone. The various nutrients also supports adrenal gland production of growth hormones, whose function is to increase the horse's bone mass, muscle mass and vitality.

Weight 1 kg



Kolikum contains vitamins and minerals which are known for their spasm reducing properties

Does your horse have symptoms such as:

  • Colic
  • Laminitis (Founder)
  • Diarrhea/Constipation

Large Intestine
The intestinal flora of the hind gut, which holds about 25-30 liters of fermented feed stuff, helps release energy in the form of carbohydrates from fiber rich feeds such as forage. This is also where the break down and elimination of solid waste products takes place.

Yeast disturbes the natural fermentation processes 
The increased addition of feed yeast and yeast extracts in commercial horse feed impairs and alters the natural colon fermentation since it will disturb the intestinal flora. The mess that is created will alow impure and toxic substances and/or incompletely digested feed stuff to enter the blood stream. This will increase the load on the liver and kidneys which has to filter them out and eliminate them. Colic, diarrhea and/or constipation, and laminitis are common symptoms of this type of strain.

Laminitis is commonly caused by a imbalance of the insulin level and the intestinal flora. The imbalance will affect the whole horse but you will often find that the hoofs will be most affected. Very simplified you can describe the process as toxins from the gastrointestinal tract which are released into the blood stream. These toxins will then affect, and cause inflammations in, body parts where there are a lot of blood vessels such as in the hooves.

The various nutrients in Kolikum is well known for their spasm reducing effect and for their ability to restore the intestinal bacterial flora.

Weight 500 gram



MSM – Organic Sulfur and Methyl

  • Has the horse prolonged recovery time?
  • Has the horse joint problems?
  • Has the horse eczema and/or itching of mane and tail, or excess dandruff?

The animals are getting less sulphur from the feed and a deficiency can lead to physical problems. There is a simple solution to this dilemma, which is MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) – an organic sulfur supplement that is biologically available for the organism. 

How does MSM work?

MSM will make the membranes of the cells to soften which results in an improved uptake of nutrients and oxygen on a cellular level and also let the cells to rid themselves from slag products more easily.

MSM is working anti-inflammatory, will increase the blood circulation and elevate the lactate threshold. 

A scientific study has shown that competition horses which were given MSM were able to improve their performances substantially and had a faster recovery time. It also showed that the horses were less prone to muscle inflammations.

Sulfur has, for a long time, also been used for various skin problems such as eczema and itching. For external use; mix MSM powder with water and spray/dab on the irritated areas.

Weight 1 kg


Gastromin in US and Gastrofor in Europe



Complete supplement in the powerful microdoses

  • This highly praised combo builds stamina, and increases endurance.
  • Stimulates the body to absorb nutrients at the cellular level.
  • Stimulates the horse’s ability to use their natural capacity

Natural cellular nutrition

The minerals in Minesyl are in this form of extremely small particles. The Products can be utilized by the body in the same manner as the colloidal minerals.

Weight 4 kg



Iron is known to increase the oxygen transport from lungs to muscles

  • Stimulates the horse's ability to use their natural capacity
  • Increases oxygen transport from lungs to muscles
  • Lowers lactic acid level of the muscles
  • Increases the combustion of waste products and toxins
  • Are anti-inflammatory

Oxygen Transport
99% of the oxygen inhaled is bound to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transporting metalloprotein in the red blood that provides the organism's oxygen supply. A good iron level in the body, increases the oxygen transport and thus performance, endurance and resilience in the horse.

Weight 4 kg



Magnesium is known to normalize the muscle tone and

  • will support rhythmic and coordinated movements
  • reduces muscle tension (tying up)
  • helps regulate the body's pH-value
  • promotes normal functioning of nerve and muscle cells
  • promotes normal renal function

Muscle Tone
Muscles that work together at a particular movement is called synergists. Two muscles whose contractions produces the opposite movement of a joint are called antagonists, an example are the biceps and triceps muscles. If the horse has tense muscles a large amount of energy will be waisted. A prolonged muscle tension will soon become painful for the horse.

Magnesium promotes normal function of nerve and muscle cells and gives your horse rhythmic and coordinated movements. Magnesium will release tension in the muscles, thus increasing the blood flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the muscles. Magnesium is crucial for normal function of the kidneys and the renal regulation of the potassium / sodium balance. Magnesium promotes regulation of blood pH and thus the acid-base balance.

Weihgt 4 kg



Vitamin E is known to prolong the red cell lifespan and

  • increases the energy storage of the muscles
  • extends the life span of the red blood cells
  • is an anti-oxidant
  • increases the mare and stallion fertility
  • protect the mare from aborting and strengthens the foal’s immune system

Energy-storage, the red cell lifespan
Glucose is one of the body's most important energy-containing chemical compound. It is stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen which can be converted into fatty acids or used as fuel. The central nervous system is absolutely dependent on glucose for energy. The red blood cells are formed in the bone marrow and has as main function to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. They have a   survival rate of about 120 days.

Vitamin E (d-alfatocoferol), improves your horse's energy storage in muscles by increasing the glucose supply. Vitamin E  increases oxygen supply by prolonging the life span of the red blood cells. Vitamin E keeps the body's cells healthy by preventing oxidation and attacks by free radicals. It helps to regulate the balance between progesterone and estrogen, thereby protecting the mare from abortion. Vitamin E prevents metabolic disorders and enhance fertility in both the stallion and mare.

When feeding the horse with extra oil, we recommend  to give extra Vitosyl-E in combination with Colofor and Minesyl, it keeps the oil from becoming rancid in the horses body.

Weight 1 kg



PälsoHov contains minerals and amino acids which are known for their strengthening function on the coat and hooves

Does your horse show symptoms such as:

  • sore skin?
  • problems when shedding/growing coat?
  • poor hoof quality?
  • laminitis?

Healthy Skin and Coat
App. 90 % of the coat is protein, the rest is fat and minerals. The largest share of protein comes from the sulphurous amino acids methionine and cysteine. The body will use a lot of protein when growing new coat which can cause a loss in muscle mass and fat—the horse may loose weight and stop growing during the change of coat. The change from summer to winter coat will start in August and the change to summer coat in December/January.

Healthy hooves are a prerequisite for success

Through the extreme pressure the hoof is exposed to, during trotting or galloping, the position of the hoof must be correct. Proper hoof position results in proper blood circulation.

PälsoHov contains, among other things. Biotin, zinc and L-methionin, substances that scientific studies have determined are important for hair and hoof quality. PälsoHov will cover the short-comings of the horse’s diet during shedding and growing coat, and when the horse has developed hoof problems.

Veight 1,8 kg



contains nutrients which are known to stimulate the urinary system

Does your horse have symptoms such as:

  • problems with the coordination of the hind leg movements and/or is dragging the left hind leg?
  • inflamed flexor tendons and/or stiff joints?
  • low water intake?
  • difficulties to urinate?

Support the Urinary System
The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Renefor are known for their ability to stimulate the renal detoxifying ability. The nutrients are active when the horse has difficulty urinating. They will increase the kidney's ability to excrete toxins which otherwise can interfere with the croup area and left hind leg tendons. Kidneys and lungs are working closely together with the detoxification of the organ systems.

Weight 1 kg and 4 kg



contains nutrients which are known to stimulate normal lung function

Does your horse have symptoms such as:

  • problems with lungs and airways? 
  • not able to bring out its true potential in competitions?
  • problems of the shoulder muscles, down the forelegs?
  • lung bleeding?

Airways and Lungs

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Respirafor are known to stimulate the lungs oxygenating capacity and increase the combustion of waste products that may have accumulated in the shoulder areas. The ingredients strengthens the immune system when the horse has a cold, have developed bronchitis and / or is affected by mold spore poisoning. The active ingredients supports the transport of oxygen in the red blood cells which increases the horse's performance. They will generally strengthen the lungs and airways and are expectorant and cough suppressant. The lungs control the skin and one of skin's functions is to regulate the body temperature.

Weight 1 kg and 4 kg



The Ultimate Detoxifying Combo

  • Colofor
  • Respirafor
  • Renefor

Colofor will detoxify the liver of metabolic remains and stimulate the body to transport the toxins to the large intestine. Renefor stimulates the detoxification ability of the kidneys and through the lungs there is a gas exchange; oxygen in and carbon dioxide out where Respirafor is working.



Nypon+C contains substances that are beneficiary for muscles and joints, and supports a normal pH-value

  • Does your horse have problems with stiff muscles and/or over-acidic pH-value?
  • Is your horse prone to inflammatory symptoms?

The rose hip is a holistic plant that contains more than 40 health beneficiary substances, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and etheric oils. It also contains flavonoids (vitamin P), which also are beneficiary for your health and also increases the effect from vitamin C.

Rose hips contain vitamin C and the seeds contain essential fatty acids from the omega 3-family, and also some amino acids and proteins.

A component of the rose hip is called galactolipid, which, according to a number of studies, have an anti-inflammatory effect that has showed to reduce arthritis pain. Galactolipids will also help with the production of collagen and cartilage, which protects the joints. We use whole rose hips in our products.

We have chosen, in our product Nypon+C, to add extra vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate. Vitamin C is an excellent protection to environmental toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, air pollution and additives in food. Vitamin C will reduce the production of anti-stress hormones produced in adrenal glands.  

Weight 400 gram and 1,5 kg


Minesyl: Nutrients in micro doses taken up at cell level.

Ferrum: Lowers lactic acid in working muscles.

Glucosafor: Increases the formation of joint fluid, accelerates the healing after muscle tissue and connective tissue damage, also increases the circulation of the legs and gives the horse strong and healthy hoofs.

Vitosyl E + Selen: Vitamin that keeps the red blood cells alive longer and increases the oxygen concentration in the blood, which increases the endurance and speed of the horse, and has an anti-oxidant effect in the tissues.

Gastrofor: For horses who do not eat after the race (or hard workout / training),

Gastrofor is recommended.


How to use the Performance Package


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